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Jan. 4, 2020 by Benjamin Balder Bach
zine malawi denmark Danish

Vi har udtrykt foreningens arbejde i ord og printet dem. På 60 sider. Derfor vil vi gerne invitere forbi vores værksted, hvor man kan hente en kopi og sige hej.

FAIR Rapport #2019 udgivelse

Hvornår: Onsdag d. 15. januar kl. 17:30-19:00
Hvor: FAIRs værksted, Birkedommervej 31, 3. sal

På samme tid vil vi gerne sende et stort tak til:

  • Maiken Woller Nielsen, som har arbejdet med kommunikation og fundraising de …
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Jan. 4, 2020 by Benjamin Balder Bach
zine malawi denmark English

We put the work of FAIR and partners into words, pictures and stories... and printed it in a little 60 pages A5 booklet. Therefore, please feel invited to pass by our workshop, pick up a copy and say hello.

Zine #2019 release

When: Wednesday January 15th, 17:30
Where: Our workshop, Birkedommervej 31, 3. sal

At the same time, we would like to use the opportunity to say a big thanks …

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Oct. 12, 2019 by Benjamin Balder Bach
must malawi tminds volunteers English Danish

FAIR and Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) have established an ICT Lab in the Southern Region of Malawi, at Matapwata Secondary School. This is the first lab that is established jointly with MUST and starts a new chapter.

After 6 years of experience in the Northern Region, a team from tMinds and FAIR visited and trained with lecturers and student interns from MUST, a newly established university …

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July 2, 2019 by Benjamin Balder Bach
malawi raspberry pi Danish

Mange køber i disse dage en ny Raspberry Pi 4. Hvis du er en af dem eller kender nogen, så skynd dig at spørge: Hvad med den gamle Raspberry Pi 3? Skal den ligge i en skuffe indtil, den en dag smides ud?

Den er nemlig et værdifuldt undervisningsredskab for universitets studerende i Malawi allerede i dag. I 2018 mødte vi Joseph og Tchili, som var i gang med at …

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May 29, 2019 by Benjamin Balder Bach
danmark malawi frivillige container Danish

English version

FAIR sender it-udstyr til uddannelsesprojekter i Malawi: Vi modtager udstyr fra danske virksomheder og organisationer. Vi foretager sikker datasletning og tester, at udstyret har de nødvendige kvaliteter til at have et mangeårigt nyt liv på malawiske skoler. På denne måde kan en enkelt computer eller laptop gøre en forskel for hundreder af unge, som ellers ikke ville have adgang til informationsteknologi i deres uddannelse.

Udstyret sendes i en …

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May 29, 2019 by Benjamin Balder Bach
malawi denmark tminds volunteers English

Danish version

FAIR provides ICT equipment for education in Malawi: We receive equipment from Danish companies and organizations. We safely wipe their data and ensure that the equipment has the quality to be transferred for a new year-long life at Malawian secondary schools. In this way, a single computer or laptop can reach hundreds of youths that would likely otherwise lack access to information technology in their education.

The equipment …

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Jan. 17, 2019 by Benjamin Balder Bach
malawi container English

Lots of equipment has been refurbished and packed through the past months, and we are as good as ready to load the next container.

We would like to extend our thanks to organizations that contributed with equipment through our company services: Toms Gruppen A/S, Møbeltransport Danmark, FOA, Novasol, Stepahead IVS, AAB Silkeborg, Christensen & Co, OperateIT A/S, Cbit A/S, Fælleskassen, Missionpharma A/S, Borup Privatskole, Thorvald Rein A/S, ATM - …

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July 19, 2018 by Benjamin Balder Bach
malawi tminds crowdfunding

In December 2017, we announced our first-ever Crowdfunding campaign. It has concluded now, and our friends from tMinds are going to do an inclusive visit and evaluation of around 22 schools! The purpose of the funding is both to enable the travel of volunteers to go as far as 300 km, but also to transport equipment and upgrades to all of these centres in the same swoop.

In the …

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May 18, 2018 by Benjamin Balder Bach
malawi ewaste

Sub-Saharan countries, for instance Rwanda or Kenya, have responsible e-waste recycling. This is both evidence that it can work, and an indirect call: It is time to have such capacity in Malawi!

However, it is not yet a reality. But we are very encouraged after a April/May 2018 tour, having discussed this at several levels. Both local entrepreneurs can play a role, and so can established businesses. We are …

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April 2, 2018 by Luiza Scalco
tminds mzuzu malawi English

Reuben, 29 years old and currently assistant lecturer at the ICT Department at Mzuzu University, started at FAIR as a proud volunteer during his studies at Mzuzu University, and later became a staff member at the university. His experience at FAIR gave him the opportunity to put knowledge into practice, and  ultimately shaped his career, by giving him important tools to work with ICT for development as well as inspiration …

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