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25. januar 2019 af Benjamin Bach

We have an honorable non-human veteran in FAIR's Copenhagen workshop: It’s a laptop that has been around our workshop for as long as the workshop has existed (10 years). It proves a point about longevity of hardware being put to good use. Because it was manufactured to high standards and because we kept up with its maintenance, this Dell Latitude D505, marketed in 2004, is still operational after ...

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20. januar 2019 af Benjamin Bach
erhverv medlemmer frivillige Danish

Vi har knoklet ivrigt med vores forening FAIR i 10 år. Vi elsker især arbejdet, fordi det på et praktisk niveau viser, at it-udstyr kan udnyttes bedre miljømæssigt og værdimæssigt til at skabe uddannelse, muligheder og langsigtet udvikling - der hvor folk har allermest brug for det.

Mange af os i FAIR er it-faglige og synes, at det er opløftende, at vi kan adressere humanitære og miljømæssige aspekter hånd i hånd ...

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17. januar 2019 af Benjamin Bach
malawi container English

Lots of equipment has been refurbished and packed through the past months, and we are as good as ready to load the next container.

We would like to extend our thanks to organizations that contributed with equipment through our company services: Toms Gruppen A/S, Møbeltransport Danmark, FOA, Novasol, Stepahead IVS, AAB Silkeborg, Christensen & Co, OperateIT A/S, Cbit A/S, Fælleskassen, Missionpharma A/S, Borup Privatskole, Thorvald Rein ...

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17. oktober 2018 af Benjamin Bach
podcast media denmark

Anders Kjærulff har lavet en podcast for Forbundet af It-professionelle i Danmark, PROSA, og besøgte Benjamin og Ove på værkstedet til en snak om, hvad vi laver -- mest i Danmark. Så hvis du er interesseret i, hvad man laver som frivillig og hvordan computere bliver overskrevet, så lyt med her!

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13. september 2018 af Benjamin Bach

FAIR Denmark is 10 years old! In those 10 years, we have contributed with nearly 3,000 computers to Malawi, and a lot of people have been involved in doing so! We have also received funds to pay for transport, workshop rent, flights and contributions to local actors in Malawi. This has been a hard struggle, worth fighting, and we are fit for more!

Actually, a lot more! This can ...

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25. juli 2018 af Benjamin Bach
safespaces4youth dreamtown denmark

Through a series of short films, the lives and dreams of young people in three African countries are portrayed. In between the films, Dreamtown, FAIR, and ActionAid Denmark will tell about the visions behind our respective organisations, the youth-driven organisations that we support, and how our work helps to create #SafeSpace4Youth.

The event is our contribution to the UN International Youth Day 2018. By 2050, Africa’s youth population is ...

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19. juli 2018 af Benjamin Bach
malawi tminds crowdfunding

In December 2017, we announced our first-ever Crowdfunding campaign. It has concluded now, and our friends from tMinds are going to do an inclusive visit and evaluation of around 22 schools! The purpose of the funding is both to enable the travel of volunteers to go as far as 300 km, but also to transport equipment and upgrades to all of these centres in the same swoop.

In the course ...

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18. maj 2018 af Benjamin Bach
malawi ewaste

Sub-Saharan countries, for instance Rwanda or Kenya, have responsible e-waste recycling. This is both evidence that it can work, and an indirect call: It is time to have such capacity in Malawi!

However, it is not yet a reality. But we are very encouraged after a April/May 2018 tour, having discussed this at several levels. Both local entrepreneurs can play a role, and so can established businesses. We are ...

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2. april 2018 af Luiza Scalco
tminds mzuzu malawi English

Reuben, 29 years old and currently assistant lecturer at the ICT Department at Mzuzu University, started at FAIR as a proud volunteer during his studies at Mzuzu University, and later became a staff member at the university. His experience at FAIR gave him the opportunity to put knowledge into practice, and  ultimately shaped his career, by giving him important tools to work with ICT for development as well as inspiration ...

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2. april 2018 af Benjamin Bach
denmark gdpr privacy English Danish

(Scroll down for English)

I FAIR går vi op i at sikre privatliv og anden følsom data. En af hovedaktiviteterne i vores organisation er at overskrive data og dermed sikre, at de ikke falder i de forkerte hænder.

Derfor synes vi også, at GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) er et tiltag i den rigtige retning. Og som en organisation, der i forvejen behandler persondata, kan vi genkende mange af udfordringerne ...

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