Computers and a future ICT workshop arrive in Mzuzu, Malawi

March 15, 2021

When FAIR packed a shipping container in Copenhagen in November 2020, it was in order for the container itself to be turned into an ICT workshop. After 5 months in transit, the container arrived at Mzuzu University and has its new home at an empty site exactly next to the ICT Department's buildings. Here, it will firstly be for storage, and soon function as an ICT workshop with the furnishing and lighting already provided.

The work is taking place in partnership with tMinds, an association of lecturers, staff and students from Mzuzu University's ICT Department. Since 2013, the ICT Department (and since-then tMinds) has provided Open Digital Learning Labs, internships for university students at secondary schools in Northern Malawi.

We look forward to the next steps and will share the updates on our website and social media channels (see the footer of the website).

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Images: Arrival: Computers sent in an ICT workshop

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