FAIR Denmark is closing down

May 31, 2023
Benjamin Balder Bach and
Philip Douglass

We are closing up shop and will look for something else to do in the future.

It's been an amazing journey lasting over 10 years. Perhaps the best way to experience it is in our photo timeline, containing hundreds of photos and descriptions of events.

During the pandemic in 2020, we stopped having income to sustain our costs. We used up our reserves to pay rent for our workshop and were forced to move while our landlord pushed the rent higher.

Immediately after shipping a consignment for Malawi in late-2020, we had a burst of activity both in Malawi and in Denmark. But most of the activity came through unfunded donations, meaning companies were willing to give some equipment, but few wanted to use our primary paid service that gives us the income that we need to function.

After losing our workshop in 2021, we were fortunate to find temporary storage in a basement for 2 years. It was spacious enough, but didn’t have windows or ventilation and therefore didn’t sustain activities for an association with volunteers. During this time, our hope was simply to collect enough equipment for a shipping container. But the activity only met the need of a little more than half a shipping container, and our 2-year lease has ended.

Therefore, we have taken the decision to:


We are posting a blog post in the coming days on outlooks towards the future.

If you are a member of FAIR, we will call for one or several general assemblies on all the formal matters of closing the organization.

FAIR Norway continues to exist. You can read about them by switching the language of the website to Norwegian.

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