Right to Repair!

Nov. 5, 2019
Benjamin Balder Bach

We believe in the visions from the Right to Repair movement and the criticism that it puts forward: If you cannot fix it, you do not own it, as the Self-Repair Manifesto from iFixit says.

FAIR’s key activity is refurbishment. We prepare used products for a new life. We need repair, as proper refurbishment cannot take place without the ability to introspect, dismantle, diagnose and fix products. We take out spare parts, we insert spare parts, we search and diagnose hundreds of different models of computers and laptops, we use screwdrivers and we tinker around.

Not only is the Right to Repair crucial to the refurbishment of computers: Of much more significance, people affected by poverty and inequality need a way to repair. Policy makers in Europe will not only affect product standards in the European markets, but also elsewhere.

This is the summary of reasons why we have asked to join the European Right to Repair branch, which is working to promote policies and awareness on a European level:

Right to Repair Europe

The campaign that we are joining is working to:

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Right to Repair!

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