About us

FAIR works to bridge the digital divide. This is done through supplying educational institutions and civil societies in developing countries with computer labs complete with refurbished hardware and open source software.  

FAIR is based in Scandinavia, with offices in Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

FAIR Denmark

FAIR Denmark is a small organization from Denmark based on the vision that strengthening access to ICT, and thus access to information and communication, is vital to education and democracy. FAIR works to bring about the hardware and software necessary to gain access to free and open informational and educational resources, taking into account all the many practical and financial elements that make such projects complicated.

FAIR’s main capabilities and focus area consists of computer hardware, software and knowledge databases, while the project management, education, daily support and local adaptation is executed by partners with equal or shared goals. These are as of 2019: NICE, tMinds, Mzuzu University and Malawi University of Science and Technology.

FAIR is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has since 2011 sent more than 2,500 computers to Malawi. FAIR Denmark only operates in Malawi. The engagement is long-term and intended to expand slowly, devoting focus to stability, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.