Road towards the next consignment

Jan. 17, 2019 by Benjamin Balder Bach

Lots of equipment has been refurbished and packed through the past months, and we are as good as ready to load the next container.

We would like to extend our thanks to organizations that contributed with equipment through our company services: Toms Gruppen A/S, Møbeltransport Danmark, FOA, Novasol, Stepahead IVS, AAB Silkeborg, Christensen & Co, OperateIT A/S, Cbit A/S, Fælleskassen, Missionpharma A/S, Borup Privatskole, Thorvald Rein A/S, ATM - Airline & Travel Marketing A/S, cBrain, LetsGo, FødevareBanken, Dansk Kommunikation ApS, Byens Netværk, Quickimport

Equipment standards are being raised continuously. We look to ensure that we put our energy into refurbishing the best fractions, the equipment that has the longest remaining life-span and can be used with modern software. We are only shipping 64 bit CPUs and with an absolute minimum of 1 GB memory, and 90% are 2+ GB. Lots of spare parts go into the consignments, which can be useful both for repairs and upgrades later on.

The consignment is supported by Recycling for Development and will be the 6th consignment sent by FAIR. It is destined for upgrades and new secondary school centres in Northern Malawi.

None of this work would be possible without the drive and ownership of the project by Malawi ICT society tMinds whom have been delivering maintenance, teacher training and university student internships since 2013.

To see pictures from the work, check out our photo albums and the map of centres.

If you are interested in helping as a volunteer in FAIR, for instance packing this next container or routinely fixing and refurbishing computers at the workshop, send an email to

If you are working at a company in Denmark or Norway that has ICT equipment, you can talk to them about data security and environmental solutions (such as reuse!) - we would really like more companies to join and we are confident about our solution. Talk to us:

Images: Equipment packed for Mzuzu

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