A new ICT lab in Mzimba

Jan. 24, 2022

On January 14th, members of Mzigo Youth Foundation under Mzimba District Youth Office picked up equipment and one week later, a team from tMinds visited and conducted a setup of the new lab.

This setup is individually tailored: To assist Malo Private Secondary School with daily operations of the lab, members of Mzigo Youth Foundation will support its day-to-day operations. In addition to that, and in alignment with the general program's, the center is established and maintained by tMinds and hardware and software is supported as such.

As with all other centers, Malo Secondary School now has not just 30 computers, but a locally networked library where tens of thousands of digital educational resources are found in shape of e-books, videos and interactive exercises. All of these contents are openly licensed, as is all the software. This puts the school and the youth club at the start of a long journey towards adapting such digital contents into the general education.

Images: Malo Private Secondary School

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