The story of Dreamtown started many years back as a youth project in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Meanwhile and approximately the same place, a similar Copenhagen-based organization, REACT, also worked with education and ICT training in Sierra Leone.

In 2017, the two organizations fused. In 2018, Dreamtown has started a new project - together with Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone -  about the dreams of urban youths.

The most important of FAIR Denmark's peers in hometown Copenhagen have been REACT and Dreamtown, a similar (mostly) volunteer-driven organization with objectives aimed at education and access to knowledge.

REACT has existed for about as long as FAIR, but while FAIR has worked mainly with hardware and logistics on a larger scaled effort to give ICT access, REACT has focused on education, training and volunteer exchange. We are therefore happy to share lots of mutual experiences, but mainly to be able to learn a lot from the approaches taken by REACT.

In the beginning of 2017, FAIR and REACT started seeking common tasks to solve and to engage in more collaboration. This continues in 2018, where the two organizations will meet a couple of times during the year to share experiences.